Opinions on contemporary Russian cinemavery contradictory. If Hollywood movies are on hearing at all, and we rarely have a problem with the choice of such, then domestic cinema is somewhat behind and not so popular. That's why we often wonder what kind of Russian movie to watch. Today we decided to present to your attention a list of works of Russian cinema that a modern person might like.

So which Russian movie is worth seeing?

No matter how skeptical opinions existed that Russian cinema can not be compared with the Soviet one, there are a large number of modern and worthwhile paintings.

Comedy and melodrama

Want to find a movie for the soul that coulddistract from the problems and cheer, and at the same time tired of the stamped comedies-pacifiers that so often appear at the box office? Pay attention to such pictures:

  1. What Men Talk About (2010)
  2. Inadequate people (2010)
  3. What else do men say (2011)
  4. Radio Day (2008)
  5. The drawing (2008)
  6. Dandies (2008)
  7. Election Day (2007)
  8. The Real Dad (2007)
  9. Zero kilometer (2007)
  10. Peter FM (2006)

Social drama, art house

If you are looking for a Russian movie, and you want to get "food for your mind" after watching it, these films are for you:

  1. Generation P (2011)
  2. Chapiteau show: Love and friendship (2011)
  3. Vysotsky. Thanks for being alive (2011)
  4. Chapiteau show: Respect for cooperation (2011)
  5. All will die, but I will stay (2008)
  6. The Mermaid (2007)
  7. Cook (2007)
  8. 12 (2007)
  9. Italian (2004)
  10. The House of Fools (2002)

The article presents, of course, not all modern Russian films, one way or another worth watching, but the best in the opinion of the author and users of the site.

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