On the eve of the next home evening, in comfortand boredom you come to the conclusion that it's worth watching a movie. But when everything you love has already been looked at, you are wondering which movie to watch in the evening. So you start looking at the recommendations of friends and acquaintances and eventually you come to the study of ratings of film critics and users of the worldwide network. The experience of spectators and film critics will tell you better what kind of film you can watch in the evening with your half, with friends, or alone.

Let's turn to the TOP 250 films according to the version of Russian viewers and choose the most interesting and meaningful films, which are obligatory for viewing for any fan of cinema.

The Green Mile (Green Mile)

  • Fantasy, drama
  • Second position TOli 250
  • The work of director Frank Daraborta, which starred such stars as Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, David Morse and James Cromwell.

The film shows the story of the convicted and sentenced to death John Coffey, who, in addition to unusual external and physical data, possessed very unusual "magical" abilities.

The film is nominated four times for the Oscar and Golden Globe Awards.

1 + 1 (Intouchables)

  • Drama, comedy, biographical
  • The fourth position TOP 250
  • Magnificent work of French directors Olivier Nakash and Erika Toledano. Starring François Cluse and Omar Si.

The film describes the history of the French richaristocrat, who became disabled as a result of a terrible accident, which hires himself in the nurse of Drissa, recently released from prison, from the ghetto. Although this candidacy was the least suitable for such a work, the history of the couple was very interesting.

The film is nominated for the Golden Globe and the Prize of the British Film Academy in 2013, as the best film in a foreign language.


  • Fantasy, thriller, thriller, drama
  • TOP-10 TOP 250
  • A fascinating work of Christopher Nolan. On the leading roles: Ellen Page, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Philip shows the storya professional thief specializing in extracting valuable information from the consciousness of the wearer during sleep, the most vulnerable state of the human mind. Plunging into dreams deeper and deeper Cobb - the main character - begins to doubt where the dream ends and reality begins.

Eight Oscar nominations and four of them are victories. Four nominations for the Golden Globe.

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