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How to draw a rose with a pencil?

You have a blank sheet of paper and a simple pencil,and you want to draw a rose. Where to begin? How to draw a rose with a pencil so that the flower is not just beautiful, but similar to the real one? Use our guide - you will definitely get a beautiful drawing!

Materials and Tools

Before you begin to implement your plan, prepare everything you need:

  • paper;
  • simple pencil, or better - a few, different hardness;
  • eraser;
  • a picture of a rose.

For a photo of the flower for work,because how to draw a beautiful rose in pencil in this case you will be much easier. Looking at the photo, you can correctly apply shadows and glare in your drawing.

The drawing process

  1. Begin drawing a rose from the middle of it. To do this, draw an elongated cone in the middle of the leaf with a vertex down, with a rounded top and without a base.
  2. In the expanded part of the bud, we plan a spiral-the future twisted petals of the middle of the flower.
  3. Draw the first petal with the corner turned off -a smooth curved line extending from the top of the cone to its widened part. At a distance of 5 mm, draw a second one, which should be adjacent to the ends of the first line.
    rose flower
  4. On the other side of the cone we draw exactly the same petal.
  5. We continue to "dress" the rose in the petals, placing them in a circle. In each following round, the petals should be slightly wider than the previous ones.
  6. Drawing the need for the number of petals, add the lower petals, which the roses are widely deployed and have angular edges.
  7. Having finished the sketch, in darker lines draw out the outline of the petals.
  8. Now we proceed to superimpose shadows and glare. Shadows - pencil hatching, glare - not the shaded part of the picture. A more dense shadow (dense hatching) is superimposed on the inside of the petals.
  9. Darken the middle of the rose, drawing a spiral of twisted petals.
  10. If necessary, we again circle the contours of the petals and erase the extra shadows.
  11. Now draw the stem and leaves. Do not forget that the stem of the rose has thorns, and the leaves have jagged edges. Lightly shade the leaves, highlighting streaks on them. With the help of superimposed shadows, we attach the volume to the stem.

That's all! Our rose is ready! Now, knowing how to draw a rose in simple pencil, you can learn other drawing techniques: colored pencils or crayons, watercolor and even oil. More details about this you can read here:

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