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How to draw a rose in pencil in stages?

Perhaps you will not become a famous artist, butlearn the basics and learn how to draw simple things quite realistically. Beginners and amateurs will find many interesting tips in the article Drawing, we now consider how to draw a pencil step by step rose.

Drawing a rose with a pencil

Step one

There are several ways how to drawa rose in pencil in stages for beginners. We offer not quite the usual, but very accessible and easy way with which you can understand how to draw a beautiful rose with a pencil.

  • We start drawing from the center: a small curl will become the middle, the flower bud has not opened;
  • rose flower
    "Grow" the flower, adding the petals around the core. For this, after retreating a few millimeters from it, draw arcs of irregular shape, the edges of which touch the core, and afterwards - each other;
  • Depending on the desired size, add more or less petals.

Step Two: The volume in drawing a rose with a pencil

To understand how to beautifully draw a rosepencil, you need to carefully look at the finished drawings. The painted rose does not have enough volume, it does not look alive. For this, the rose petals must be shaded. Use a different pressure pencil, the darkest hatching should be at the base of the petals, to the edges, it gradually weakens.

Step Three: Color

By adding a volume to the rose, you can add the color withcolored pencils, paints. And you can leave it as it is - in black and white. Now, if you wish, you can easily draw a bouquet of roses, because the technique of execution is clear. If you are interested in the process, in the article How to draw a rose - you can see video tutorials on how beginners gradually draw a rose in pencil.

Not a single rose

Roses are undoubtedly beautiful and a postcard made by yourself will become a wonderful gift.

Having received an answer to the question, how to draw a rosepencil step by step, you can safely proceed to study the process of drawing other colors. You may be interested in the materials of the article How to draw a flower in stages. Do not be afraid to experiment, please yourself and loved ones with flowers, even if drawn.

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