So, you decided to have a feathered pet. The question arises - how to choose a parrot? What should I look for when buying? Let's try to understand the intricacies of this issue together.

How to choose a parrot? Advice

Before you go for a parrot, think,how much your desire. After all, the bird requires care, feeding, attention and good attitude. Also, some material costs will be required: a cage, food, accessories, a veterinarian. Find out also whether you or your family members have allergies to fluff. If it is, then you have to say goodbye to the parrot at the first molt. If your intentions are serious and there are no obstacles, go ahead!

  • First decide what kind of parrot you wantto acquire. If before that you did not have a feathered pet, then do not buy a large parrot. It is better to choose one of 2 breeds: a corella or wavy one. Parrots of these breeds are small: their size is 20-30 centimeters in length. They are relatively unpretentious, affectionate, have a gentle temper, adapt well to new conditions and to new owners. The plus of these breeds is also that they are easy to learn speech.
  • How to choose a wavy parrot or a bird of anotherbreed? Pay attention to plumage: it should be clean, smooth, shiny. If the bird has tousled rare feathers, a dull look, closed eyes, then most likely the parrot is unwell. Look at the white spot under the tail - if there are redness or traces of adherent excrement, then, probably, the parrot has problems with the intestines. It is better not to buy such a bird. Feathers on the back should converge at one point - if they lag behind or cross over, the bird's skeleton did not develop properly, or the parrot got some kind of injury. The supraclavicular parrot wax should be clean and smooth, like nostrils. How to choose a boy's parrot? It is easy: its supraclavicular wax has a bluish tint, and the skin of females is pinkish. Also pay attention to the conditions under which the parrot is kept: the cage, the feeder should be clean, the drinking bowl with fresh water, etc.
  • Buy a parrot is best at exhibitions or atbreeders. There you will receive accurate information about the age of the parrot and the care of this breed. You can buy a bird in the pet store, if there is no other option. You can not buy a bird from your hands: you can sell a sick or illegally exported parrot.
  • How old should the birds be? Age should be no more than 5-6 weeks - they are easier to tame. Too little chicks should not be bought either, caring for them is not an easy task.
  • When you choose a bird, look at its reactionon you: if the parrot shows interest to you, reacts to your approach, closely watches you, then this is a good sign! You can safely buy such a bird: in the future you can easily establish contact with her and teach her to speak.

Now you know how to choose a parrot. Good luck to you!

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