Hemorrhoids are a dangerous disease of the rectum,which is accompanied by bleeding and prolapse of hemorrhoids of the rectum to the outside. This disease affects both men and women. In general, this disease affects people of more advanced age, however, recently, hemorrhoids are significantly "younger", and now, many young people suffer from manifestations of hemorrhoids.

Causes of hemorrhoids

The main causes of hemorrhoidsconsider: a sedentary lifestyle, weight lifting, obesity, the use of fatty and spicy food, alcohol, smoking. In addition to this, often the cause of hemorrhoids become frequent constipation or diarrhea, as well as pregnancy and childbirth. But there are people who are predisposed to this disease genetically. Therefore, it is necessary, it is much more responsible to treat your own health and remember that once you have hemorrhoids, you can stay with him for life.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

Let's try to figure out what hemorrhoids looks like, andwhat are his first symptoms. The first thing you feel people who suffer from hemorrhoids is itching and pain in the anus. In a fairly short time, the pain becomes strong, you can even say unbearable. Next comes the swelling of the hemorrhoids and their prolapse. Hemorrhoids have several stages of development, no matter what the stage - this disease can be cured. But it is worth noting that hemorrhoids, like any other disease, can be better treated in the initial stages.

  1. So, the first stage. There is itching and bleeding, which do not have a permanent character. Hemorrhoidal nodes do not fall out.
  2. The second stage. Bleeding takes on a periodic character. Hemorrhoidal nodes fall out when straining, but leave on their own.
  3. The third stage is accompanied by constant bleeding. The nodes spontaneously fall outwards and are corrected only with the help of hands.
  4. Well, the fourth, the most dangerous stage. Bleeding is a constant profuse nature, there is a strong pain in the anus. Hemorrhoidal nodes fall out spontaneously and are not refilled.

To fully understand what hemorrhoids look like, photos of different stages of the disease can be found on the Internet.

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