February 28 in Los Angeles will announce the winnersthe Oscar-2016 prize. The main intrigue is whether Leonardo DiCaprio will receive the award and whether last year's success will repeat Alejandro Gonzalez Inyarritu: a year ago his "Birdman" took four figurines, including for the best film, the best director's work and the best script.

Yandex found out which of the nominees would receive the award, if it depended on their popularity on the Kino Poiske. For this, we studied the statistics of visiting pages of films, actors and directors.

It turned out that from the film-nomineesusers are most interested in "Survivor", and from the directors - Alejandro Gonzalez Inyarritu. Judging by the statistics of visits, people also follow the fate of the Russian cartoon Konstantin Bronzit "We can not live without space" - he is nominated for an Oscar in the category "Best Short Animation Film".

Among the actors most popular with usersLeonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hardia Rachel McAdams. All of them, except Lawrence, did not get an Oscar before, and Hardy and McAdams were nominated for the first time at the main award.

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Taken from Yandex.

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