Choosing a puppy is always a kind of lottery. Even acquiring a pet from well-known parents, it is impossible to predict what will grow from it. What can we say about buying a funny kid in the transition, because over time, a sweet creature can turn from a soft playful lump into a huge malicious dog. Therefore, deciding to buy a dog in the house, it is better to do this not in the bird market, but through the club of dog breeders. Here you will be told in detail about the selected breed, will show the results of testing of parents, including on the stability of the psyche, and will prompt how to choose a healthy baby.

Define the breed

How to choose a puppy - the question is far from idle forof the whole family, and if you are responsible people, you should understand that the puppy is a living being, and will live with you side by side for quite a long time. Therefore, it is necessary that all together you are comfortable and comfortable, and, both physiologically and emotionally. All this is easily achievable, the right selection of the breed.

Actually, there are no strict rules herethere is, it is just necessary to remember that dogs of different breeds, like people, have different temperament and character. And, of course, choosing a friend is similar to your characteristics. So, for example, people are mobile and easy to climb you can take Doberman, dachshund or some of the hunting breeds. The owners, who are not inclined to long walks and violent games, will get along better with the numerous army of mollots (bulldogs, boxers, mastiffs), and those who like to express their feelings will be just happy next to lapdogs, poodles and terriers of all stripes. Universal dogs for the family have long been considered sheep dogs, labradors and bigles.

How to choose a good puppy

On the topic of how to choose the right puppy existsa huge amount of literature, long and broadly narrating about all the anatomical features of these or those breeds, but the determining factors in the choice of any four-legged friend should be the following:

Healthy appearance. Puppy must be well-groomed, active and mobile. The nose, eyes and ears are clean, without discharge. He should not have a swollen or taut abdomen, with general leanness - this is a sign of helminthic invasion. Examine the puppy from all sides, if traces of dried stool on the hind legs and under the tail, then it has diarrhea, which can be a consequence of infection.

Puppy should not have a pronounced umbilicalhernia (slight bulge in the navel area). It is desirable that the dog had a good bite (for different breeds - different). The limbs of the toddler should be even without obvious thickening in the joints, the knees and elbows are not turned outward.

To choose a healthy puppy, make sure that itsthe movements in the running are free, without tension, there is no explicit spreading of the paws, clubfoot, x-shape. Check the color of the mucous membranes of the eyes and mouth of the baby, to do this, lift the upper lip and slightly pull the eyelid down; mucous should be shiny, have a healthy reddish or pink hue. Carefully inspect the skin, passing a hand against the fur, make sure that it does not have ulcers and traces of peeling.

Steady psyche. How will the character of the baby, depends only on you, but to choose a puppy from the litter you need the most daring or curious. To do this, next to the puppies, carefully throw your bunch of keys. The timid - they will immediately run away, whoever is more brave, will certainly come to see what happened. You can also test the kids by holding out their hand to them.

Mutual attraction. You can not believe in it, but the kindred souls are attracted, which means that the dog that hobbled to you the very first or gives you special signs of attention - just like yours!

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