There are many beautiful films that, toUnfortunately, they are not translated into Russian. If you really want to watch such a film, then translate it yourself. At the same time you can learn the language, especially it will be relevant if the film is English-speaking. How to translate a movie into Russian independently? There are several translation options.

How to translate a movie: ways

  • It is much easier to translate a film if it is availablesubtitles. If the original movie does not have subtitles, do not get discouraged. On the Internet you can find subtitles for a huge number of foreign films. Also you will find many archives with subtitles, for example, here - If you are lucky, you will find Russian subtitles for the film. You can insert subtitles into the movie using special editors. For example: Movavi Video Editor, AVI ReComp and others.
  • If you find subtitles only on foreignlanguage, you have to translate them first. For this you can use online translators, but remember that such a translation will not be very literary, at times blatant bloopers will be allowed. Automatic translators are best used to translate individual words or phrases, but not whole sentences. After the program performs the translation, check all the text with the dictionary and correct errors and inaccuracies. The most popular are the following subtitle translation programs: Subtitle Workshop and Subtitle Edit.
  • If you are not at all familiar with the original language, thenyou can turn to professionals, that is, translators. In the translation agency you will be provided with a translation of the entire film. Of course, such a translation will be accurate and literary, but it will not be worth the pleasure.
  • How to translate a movie, if there is no subtitle and nomoney to a translation agency? In this case, special speech recognition programs will help you. These programs are designed to translate speech into text format. For example, you can use such programs: RealSpeaker and Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking. They can be downloaded on the Internet. When the program displays the text of the movie in the source language, you will need to translate the subtitles into Russian, as described above.
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