Perhaps every modern person knows what a movie is, but let's still consider the history of the word and the variety of its meanings.

The film is ...

A film is a separate workcinematography. From a technical point of view, the film is a sequence of moving images that are related by a single story. In order to provide the image with motion, it is necessary to assemble a large set of static frames, on which individual phases of motion are imprinted. Most often the film is equipped with a soundtrack, of course, only if we do not talk about such a genre as "silent cinema".

Its ambiguity begins to find the term inWhen it comes to a particular kind of movie. For example, quite often from the TV screen you can hear the phrase "documentary film". This kind of cinematography involves shooting real events and faces.

In contrast to the documentary it is quite possibleto put the film artistic. Such a film involves preliminary work on writing a script, interpreting it by a director, acting, etc. There is also a short film. This means that the length of the work does not exceed 15-40 minutes. Mostly for children was created a separate kind - an animated film, or in other words - a cartoon.

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