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Where on the neck are the lymph nodes?

Lymph nodes in the human body playimportant role. They act as biological filters and are organs of the immune system. It is the lymph nodes that detain the infection and prevent its spread throughout the body. At the same time, not everyone knows where these organs are. In this article, let's talk about where the lymph nodes are on the neck.

Lymph nodes on the neck

When a person is healthy, then feel the lymph nodesneed more carefully. They have the shape of balls, which have mobility. To detect them, it is necessary to start probing the area located under the jawbone and further down to the end of the neck.

Determine where the lymph nodes are located in the neck inthe period of the disease, accompanied by their inflammation, is not difficult. After all, they increase in size and are easily felt on the neck, which often causes soreness.

As a rule, to inflammation of the lymph nodes

give the following factors:

  • infections that cause respiratory diseases;
  • influenza and ARVI;
  • decreased immune forces of the body;
  • cancer of lymphatic tissues.

Less often inflammation of the lymph nodes on the neck occurs due to the following reasons:

  • alcoholism;
  • impaired metabolism;
  • diseases leading to pathologies of the thyroid gland or connective tissue;
  • allergy.

Inguinal lymph nodes

You should know that the lymph nodes are not onlyon the neck, but also in the groin. Determine exactly where they are located in this area is quite simple. They are slightly above the pubic part, namely on the sides of it. In fact, they are located between the leg and groin. In size, such nodes are similar to peas of large sizes. When they are inflamed, they are visible to the naked eye, and when probed cause pain. They are provoked by an increase in various venereal diseases, which are easy to identify with the help of a number of analyzes.

In any case, having found themselves inflamedlymph nodes in the neck or in the groin, it is important to contact a specialist as soon as possible. He will conduct a survey, diagnose and prescribe an effective treatment. Thanks to therapy, the condition of lymph nodes will soon return to normal and they will not cause soreness.

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