Everyone chooses pets, based onown preferences. Most stop on a cat or a dog - they are most popular among animals. When the conversation turns to birds, the parrots are undoubted leaders. Buying a bird, we hope that she will live with us as long as possible. In this connection, the question arises, how to determine the age of the parrot? The younger the pet, the more we can spend time with him.

The most common wavy parrots and parrots of Corella. Among the common signs for determining the age can be identified:

  1. Figure / pattern - if the bird is young, then the pattern is more distinct. With age, he is a little "blurred".
  2. Tail - in very young parrots, the tail is slightly shorter than in adult individuals.
  3. Eyes - the color of the eyes of parrots varies with age.
  4. Plumage - as a rule, growing older, parrots acquire a brighter plumage.

How to determine the age of a corrugated parrot

Wavy parrots are a common sight. They can be easily found in almost any pet shop. If you want to know the age of a budgie, then you should pay attention to the following symptoms:


Up to 3 months, the head of parrots is completely wavy. But already starting from the 3rd month of age, during the first moult, a white "cap" begins to manifest, which characterizes all adult individuals.


Young budgies have deepblack color. Only by 6-10 months begins to appear white ring around the pupil. If your pet's eyes have not yet found a white shell, then he is not older than 5-6 months.


In young chicks up to 2 months old, the beak is black. With age, black color changes to a lighter color: yellow or greenish.


The length of the tail in young parrots (up to 2 months) is somewhat smaller than in adult individuals.


If the parrot male, then at a young age, a waxhas a light purple color. With age, it becomes bright blue. In young females, a wax of blue color, but with age it becomes lighter and becomes pale blue or white. In adult females, a brownish brown wax.

Ability to fly

Already about a month after birth, parrots are able to fly.

Attention! All of the above factors determine the age of a wavy parrot, do not work for parrots of albinos and lutinos.

How to determine the age of the parrot corals

It is easiest to determine the age of birds with graycolor. At a young age, the paws and beaks of birds are much lighter. The beak of young birds is gray-pink in color, smooth. Eyes on the contrary, black in young individuals and lighter, brown in adults. Young crested tufts have not yet fully formed, so the feathers are not yet bent. About 5 months of age parrots begin molting, which ends by 10-12 months. After this, the bird acquires the color of an adult.

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