If a puppy has settled in your house, it means,that you have a desire to be the master of a strong and healthy dog. Important factors in caring for a pet are timely vaccinations and keeping it clean. But the decisive factor, perhaps, is proper nutrition.

How to Feed a Pug Puppy

If you have wondered what to feed a pug puppy, first of all remember that a wrongly organized meal can turn out not the most pleasant consequences.

The first mistake that many owners allow is the feeding of the puppy with waste from the table and the remains of the dinner. Smoked meat, fatty foods, cakes and other sweets are not suitable for feeding dogs.

Teach a dog from an early age to eat food in a strictly defined place and at the same time.

Try to put food only in a bowl, if the puppy gets used to picking food from the floor, then during the walk will take everything from the ground. The dog dishes should always be clean.

If your pug is 1-1.5 months old, then per dayrequires about six feedings. By three months, the number of feedings is reduced to four times a day, and the portions are slightly increased. Only by the age of six months the pups switch to two meals a day, like all adult dogs.

About three months of age beginsthe period of active growth, pups begin to spend less time sleeping, turning into restless and playful animals. The energy expenditure at this age is very high and experts recommend adding various vitamin nutritional supplements.

How to feed an adult pet

So what to feed the pug when he became an adultthe pet? Very useful sour-milk and dairy products, they must certainly be present in the diet daily. Especially welcome is the calcined cottage cheese, in one session the puppy is enough to give 50-70 grams, and the adult pug to 100 grams of cottage cheese.

Very good for feeding pugs and ricebuckwheat porridge. They are recommended to cook in a crushed form and on a mixture of water with milk, or completely on water. Milk porridge does not have a good effect on digestion.

Remember that cooked food should not be hot, cool it to room temperature and only then give the dog.

It is also recommended to gradually introduce meat into the diet, preferably beef in the form of minced meat. Make sure that the meat does not contain fat and veins.

Unlike many dogs, pugs love fresh vegetables and fruits, you can prepare special salads and season them with sunflower oil.

Do not interfere with rye bread with butter or margarine.

Suitable and various wings, neck or paws from a raw bird. Remember that you can not give the dog cooked bones, it is dangerous for her health and life.

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