The most popular inhabitants of aquariums arecatfish. To your pets, to please you and feel comfortable, they need to create comfortable conditions. Before you get yourself such fish, you need to study their lifestyle well. There are many varieties, the most popular are perestousye, loricaria, armor and armor catfishes.

Types of catfish and their feeding

  1. Loricarid. One rule is for one aquarium to have one kind. Since they can compete for food and shelter. Necessary to be in the aquarium snags domestic breeds of fruit trees.
  2. Overstocking. We need to make sure that they get enough food. By themselves - peaceful. The aquarium for them should not be small. They actively destroy the growth of algae.
  3. Tangled. They are cute and schooled fish. Love the soft and sandy bottom. For them, a filter is needed in the aquarium, since destroying the remains of uneaten food, they vzmuchivayut strongly water.
  4. Bronyakovye. Need a sandy soil. Eat live, vegetable and dry food.

How to feed a catfish can be read in anyliterature. Food for them can be bought at any pet store. In general, ready-made food is released in the form of tablets that drown and immediately begin to soften. This is the most convenient type of feed, since catfish are bottomfishes and take their food easier from the ground. But nevertheless every kind of fish requires attention. If you live in the aquarium, not only catfish, but also other fish, then how to feed the aquarium catfish is important, since they need to be fed with 2 different types of feed. One is selected for catfish, and the other for other fish.

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