For a long time dreamed of a dog, and here in your housethere is a joyful barking of a Labrador puppy. After the first enthusiasm for a new member of the family has subsided, and he himself will start actively exploring an unfamiliar space for himself, the owners should take care of what to feed the Labrador puppy. Experts in this matter are not too strict and allow the use of both dry food and natural.

Dry food

Dry food can be given to the puppy in case he is already 1.5 months old. An obligatory condition for such a diet is free access to drinking water, which must always be available.

In ready-to-use feeds sold under different brandsmanufacturers, the composition is fully optimized according to the needs of the dog's body. Thus it is necessary to be guided by the instructions placed on the package, and adhere to the daily rate, depending on the weight of the pet. The most popular are dry food Royal Canin, Acana, Pro Plan. For puppies with sensitive digestion, PRO PLAN Puppy Sensitive is ideal.

A lot of useful tips on dog education can be found in our article How to care for a puppy | How to feed a puppy.

Natural food

From natural products, the best food ismeat. Puppy at the age of 2 months requires 200 grams per day, 9-month-old - 700 grams per day, and reached 1 year - 500 g (at the end of the active growth phase). You can also give fish and eggs (only yolk), vegetables and cereals. More about this tells an article of our resource What to feed the Labrador.

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