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How to remove the abdomen after childbirth?

You have become a happy mother, we congratulate you on this! When the joy after the appearance of the child fades away a little, the woman starts to think about how to bounce back. After all, despite the fact that she became a mother, she still remains a woman who wants to be beautiful and attractive. The cornerstone in the fight for a woman's body, of course, is a sagging belly. From it it is necessary to get rid both thin, and full. Let's talk about how to clean the belly after delivery is most effective.

It is clear that you can not do without physical exertion, but food should be special, you can not eat everything. Read more about the diet after pregnancy, you can here.

We will pay more attention to physical exertion, which will help to quickly remove the abdomen after childbirth.

When do I start the exercises?

To be engaged in intensive physical exercisescan be approximately one and a half months after delivery. If you had a cesarean section, then in two - two and a half months. To begin earlier it is not necessary - it is fraught with a divergence of seams and other extremely unpleasant consequences. Immediately after birth, it is better to pay attention to your diet and set up a new regimen. On how to do this, you can read in the article, the link to which is listed above. Do not get carried away by strict diets, you feed your child. It will be enough to limit yourself in sweet, salty, fried and fatty.

Remove the belly after giving birth - exercises

Recently, giving birth to women to get in shape will helpshaping. In parallel, you can strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs and back. It is better to do shaping with the coach, but if this is not possible, you can do physical exercises at home.

Basic rules for you: do it until the forces are exhausted (do not feel sorry for yourself!); do not use additional burdens; follow the implementation of the correct technique - it is better to do less, but better; do a warm-up (dancing, jumping rope, light jogging). It is important to breathe properly: on exhalation, strain as much as possible, on inhalation - relax. Proper breathing will achieve good results several times faster. Minimum of training - three times a week, and better - every day. An hour before and after training can not be eaten.

Now let's talk about exercises that will help remove the sagging belly after childbirth.

Exercise One

Lie on your back, legs spread wide and slightlybend them in the lap. The loin should be pressed to the floor, and the hands - located along the body. When exhaling, draw the stomach as much as possible and raise the pelvis as high as possible. The longer you stay in this position, the better. A good result is to last at least 30 seconds.

Exercise two

Lie on your back, with your knees pulled up to your chest,Hands spread apart, palms pressed to the floor. Raise the buttocks and carry the hips alternately left and right. Knees should be together, they can not be lowered. Try to breathe evenly.

Exercise Three

Keep your legs together, do squats, withThis strongly pull the buttocks back, and place your hands on your hips. Inhale, round the stomach, then straighten up, arms spread apart, maximally straighten your back and draw in your stomach. The retraction of the abdomen should occur on exhalation. Slowly inhaling through the nose, relax the diaphragm. Feel, as the lower part of the abdomen is filled with air, the stomach with this should be protruded forward. On exhalation again, pull in and strain your stomach. It is important to observe proper breathing. Exercise 16 times.

Exercise Four

Lie on your back, put your hands behind your head. On exhalation, raise the shoulder blades, bend your legs and pull your knees to your chest. At the same time, you need to strain your stomach. Then spread your legs to the sides, straighten up the left, but leave it on the weight, and pull the right to the opposite elbow. Then change your legs. Do the exercise as far as you can.

Exercise five

Lie on your back, bend your legs slightly and arrangetheir width of shoulders. On exhalation, draw in your belly and raise the pelvis as much as possible, without lifting your legs and shoulder blades off the floor. In this position, you need to stay for 30 seconds. Then alternately straighten and hold the weight of the legs, so you will train the oblique abdominal muscles.

Exercise Six

Lie on your back, put your hands behind your head, bendfeet and place your feet on the floor. In the supine position, inhale. Hands stretch forward so that the shoulders come off the floor. In the sitting position, exhale. Hold in this position. Try to strain the muscles of the press, not the neck.

Exercise Seventh

It can be performed by lying on a bed or onsofa. Lie on your back, put your hands behind your head. Legs bend at the knees and pull them to the stomach, Then slowly straighten your legs and slowly lower them down one line with the trunk until the whole body is stretched out into a string. Hold in this position, then again pull your legs to your chest and repeat all over again.

Additional tips

You can see on the Internet a variety of videos. For example:

In parallel with physical exertion, you can do other, equally useful procedures:

  • While standing at the stove, walking with a child, reading a book, etc., several times pull in your stomach and relax. Retract on exhalation, relax by inhalation.
  • In the shower, rub and rinse the stomach with cool water from the right side to the left and around.
  • If you go to the pool, then do this: put your hands in the side, lean against the pool wall and lift up one leg or the other, then straighten each one to the end.
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