Stretch marks after childbirth, unfortunately, are found inmany women. They do not carry any physical discomfort and do not cause pain. But they deliver a lot of inconveniences in the moral plan, however, as well as the sides, left after birth. How to get rid of the latter, you will learn from our article - How to remove the sides after giving birth. And the most effective ways to remove stretch marks after childbirth at home you will find out below.

How to remove stretch marks after childbirth at home

The most common stretch marks (striae) appear on thechest, abdomen, sides and hips. Remove them using only one method, it will be almost impossible, so you should use a whole range of different techniques and start with nutrition. About what an important role it plays in that difficult process, you will tell our article - How to get rid of stretch marks. And below, we'll tell you about other ways to remove stretch marks at home.

How to remove stretch marks on the body with exercise

In addition to a balanced diet, do not neglect exercise. They will make the skin more elastic, restore her tone.

  1. Exercise "Half-birch". Lie on the floor, hands along the trunk, palms tightly pressed to the floor, legs straight. Raise the legs 90 degrees from the floor, then lift and the pelvis. We linger in this position for 15 seconds and take the starting position. Exercise should be done daily for 15 times.
  2. Exercise "Tanti". We lay down on the floor, legs bend at the knees, and press the palms to the hips. Closed legs together should be raised 20 cm from the floor, without bending them. Keep in this position for as long as it will turn out. The number of repetitions is from 10 to 15.

These exercises help effectively combat striae, especially on the legs. Therefore, if you have long wanted to remove stretch marks on your legs, do not be lazy to perform this simple complex every day.

We remove stretch marks with the help of water procedures

If you do not know how to remove stretch marks afterbirths on your stomach, and you do not have enough time to struggle with them, try to combine business with pleasure. Namely: a day later take a bath with starch. On a full bath of water, you need 500 g of starch. The time of this procedure is at least 30 minutes.

But the women who became mums, except for the stretch marks, are also worried about the belly that hangs after the birth. About how to remove it, you will tell our article - How to remove the belly after childbirth.

Do not underestimate the contrast shower. Taking it every day, you can not only make the existing stretch marks less visible, but also prevent the emergence of new ones. At the same time we begin water procedures with hot water - 5 minutes, then cold water - 1 minute, and at least 5 times change the water temperature.

After water proceduresuse a special cream from stretch marks. On the shelves of stores there is a huge selection of them. And how to choose the most suitable for yourself, you will learn from the article - Which cream from stretch marks is better.

Wraps - the enemy of striae

With the help of wraps, you can not only removestretch marks, but also reduce body volume, and also get rid of cellulite. You can buy as ready-made oils and lotions for wraps, and use their own cooked. If you do not know how to remove stretch marks on the pope or hips, but firmly decided to use wraps, it is best to apply the following mixture:

  • Almond oil - 100 ml;
  • Cinnamon oil - 15 drops;
  • Juniper oil-5 drops;
  • Olive oil - 50 ml.

All components are mixed and applied tosteamed skin, wrapped in a film and left for an hour and a half. After this time, take a shower and apply any cream. There are other recipes for wrapping, but this is considered to be particularly effective.

Using all these methods of getting rid of stretch marks in the complex, you can achieve the desired result in a short period of time, namely - to significantly reduce or completely remove striae on the body.

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