Literally from the first day of pregnancy, women alreadythink about how much they go to the decree. Actually, this is right, because you have to prepare all the necessary documents and be ready to apply for a maternity leave by the deadline. Today, we will tell you when they go to the decree, according to the law.

Deadlines for maternity leave

Before the birth of a child, every pregnant woman, according to the law, has the right to take leave. Its duration may be different.

  • So, in case of a single pregnancy, the vacation will be 70 days before the estimated day of childbirth.
  • Multiple pregnancy (2 or more fetuses) will give an opportunity to receive leave in 84 calendar days.

After giving birth, leave is also granted:

  • at the birth of one baby all the same 70 calendar days;
  • the birth of two or more toddlers gives the right to 110 days of leave on the calendar;
  • if the birth was complicated (as confirmed by the relevant documents), then leave will be 86 calendar days.

In the general case (the birth of one child)maternity leave will be 140 days. All these days are paid for, and work experience does not stop. The workplace is also preserved throughout the whole period of childcare (1-3 years).

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