Usually, the dismissal of an employee does not bringsignificant problems: an employee is deemed to be fired after the number when he is fired. However, almost every employer gets into the situation at least once, when it is not so easy to understand what number to dismiss an employee.

How to dismiss an employee

The usual case can be called one when you fire an employee, or he writes an application for dismissal at will.

In the first situation, the number of dismissals isthe last working day of the employee. Thus, if you fire him on the 15th, he still has to work on the 15th, but the next day he is completely free.

In the second case, the employee must worktwo weeks after the date of dismissal. But, here there is one small snag: did the employee write in the application "I ask you to fire the 4th day" or "from the 4th day". Although the second design is not correct, some HR staff allow you to write a statement that way. If the employee requests to be dismissed on the 4th, the fourth day is his last working day. If he leaves on the 4th, the last working day will be the 3rd.

Dismissal and sick leave

More questions, what number to fireperson, causes the situation with the hospital. It can look different. For example, an employee is sick and his sick-list ends on the day of dismissal. In this case, the employer must pay the sick-list employee and fire him on the day on which the dismissal is written, since, in fact, the person was listed as an employee of the enterprise.

Often happens that the hospital endsafter the date of dismissal and the employee requires that the date of termination of the sick leave is considered the date of dismissal. In fact, such requirements are illegal. Regardless of when the sick-list ends, the date of dismissal should not be postponed, as there is no need for it. Note that this rule does not work if the employee leaves without his will.

Dismissal and leave

Sometimes there are situations when beforeA staff member takes leave, which ends on the day of dismissal. In this situation, the last day of vacation can be considered a day of dismissal, so the employee should not go to work. Of course, if he resigns at his own request and you demand a two-week work-off, he will have to work these two weeks. If the day of dismissal is the next day after the end of the vacation, the employee will have to work out this day.

Dismissal and decree

Often employees decide to quit duringmaternity leave, adding a headache to the employer: what number to fire an employee? In fact, you can dismiss the employee the number indicated in the application. Thus, the dismissal will be in the middle of maternity leave.

Please note that dismissing an employee who is inmaternity leave, you can only if she writes a letter of resignation at will. That is, you can not cut it for other reasons.

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