The section breaks in the text editor MS Word givesThe ability to determine where one page ends and the next one begins. If in your text this option is not needed, but is automatically set, then a logical poll will appear, how to remove the section in the Word. There are no special commands for this in the program. However, removing the gap in the section of the Word is quite simple and fast.

  1. On the main tab of the top menu, activate the item "Display all characters" (the upper right of the upper icon of the "Paragraph" tab).
  2. Scroll the text to the desired location, where the unprintable "section break" sign is now displayed.
  3. We select the gap by extending the cursor on this inscription from left to right.
  4. Press the Del key.

All! You were able to remove the gap of the section. Now the text above the section has become part of the text below the break, all text will be formatted equally.

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