In our time it is most convenient to replenish the accountmobile phone through terminals or online banking services. It makes no sense to withdraw money and put it back when it can be done directly through an ATM or a mobile bank.

This article will consider the possibility to pay for the phone through the card of the Savings Bank.

How to pay for a phone from a Sberbank card

There are two simple ways to achieve the desired - pay in an ATM or pay with Sberbank. Online. Let's consider each method in detail.

How to pay for a phone with a Sberbank card through the terminal

On the possibilities of Sberbank cards you can read in our article How to use the Savings Bank card.

When you are at the ATM, insert the card and dial the PIN code. In the main menu, click "Pay for mobile communication without commission." In a new window, enter the phone number, amount and confirm the payment.

You can pay for mobile communication by any amount from 10 rubles. You can also set a monthly automatic payment, which will save you from having to replenish your account yourself.

For a landline phone, payment is done a little differently:

  1. In the ATM menu go to the section "Payments and transfers".
  2. We choose the item "Stationary communication".
  3. Enter the details of your home phone, the amount.
  4. Confirm and pay.

Also, if there is no time and opportunity to replenish the account through the ATM, it can be done via the Internet through Sberbank. Online or mobile bank.

How to replenish an account through Sberbank. Online

Replenishment of the account through Sberbank. Online or mobile bank occurs as follows:

  1. We go into my office.
  2. We click on the "Payments and transfers" tab and select "Communication, Internet and TV". We are looking for your mobile operator or point about fixed communication.
  3. In a new window we enter the data of your mobile phone or the data of a stationary home phone.
  4. We check the data.
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. We check the payment.

This method is perfect for payment without leaving home. You can pay not only with a computer, but also with a mobile device.

You can recharge your phone account in other ways. About them will tell our article How to replenish the account of the phone? /

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