"Sberbank" provides services not only forpayment of utility bills or credit debts, but also allows you to pay various penalties. Let's talk about how you can pay a fine traffic police through "Sberbank."

Payment in the bank branch

The easiest way is to contact the operator. To do this, it is necessary to approach a free operator and provide a court order or a decree-receipt of a traffic police officer. You also need to prepare the necessary amount to pay a fine. Documents proving your identity will not be required.

The terminal of "Sberbank"

Pay a fine traffic police through the terminal "Savings Bank" can be and through the terminal:

  1. To do this, select the "Pay administrative fine" tab in the menu. In the opened menu you need to find that division of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, whose officer wrote you a fine.
  2. Then you should enter your data:
    • a series of regulations;
    • number;
    • date of delivery;
    • the amount of the fine.
  3. After you deposit the necessary amount, you should take a check about payment. Through the terminal you can pay only fines on the resolution-receipt.

ATM "Savings Bank"

If you plan to pay a fine through an ATM"Sberbank", you first need to clarify the employees of the branch, in which you turned, whether it can be done with the help of an ATM. If it is possible, then you need to do the following:

  1. Insert the card into the ATM, enter the data to receive confidential information and check if there is enough money to pay the penalty.
  2. Choose "Payments" or "Service payment" in the main menu, and in the window that opens, find "Taxes, penalties, donations".
  3. Choose "Payment of fines for the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate".
  4. In the opened menu it is necessary to enter the number of the protocol for payment of the fine. It is necessary to have a driving license with you.
  5. Click on the "Continue" button, the screen should display all information about your offense. It is necessary to verify all the data.
  6. If all the data is the same, select "Pay", and the required amount will be debited from your account.

Do not forget about the check for payment, which in the event of a program failure will be proof of payment of traffic police fines.

Payment online

  1. To do this, it is necessary to register the service "Sberbank Online" on the official website of Sberbank sberbank.ru.
  2. Next you need to go to the menu "Pay and transfer" and select the tab "Fines of the traffic police and taxes".
  3. The "Autopayment" service will allow paying the administrative penalty of the traffic police in a few minutes. Activating it, you can very quickly pay fines using sms-command.

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