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How to sit on a twine at home?

To sit on a twine at home, everyone will be able toregardless of gender and age. Someone can take two months to prepare for splits, someone has two weeks. To do this, it is enough to perform stretching exercises regularly. Later in the article, we'll talk in more detail about how you can sit on a twine at home.

Types of twine stretching

Before you seriously tackle your stretching, you should get some theoretical information. Stretching can be of several types:

Active (dynamic)

This type of stretching assumes the implementation of sweeping amplitude movements of the legs.

Such exercises have a relaxing effect and are suitable for warming up or relaxing after a static load on the muscles.


Passive type of stretch is the most popular, since it requires the least expenditure of energy and energy. Exercises are performed in the sitting position and assume the torso bend to the legs straightened at the knees.


Affiliate extensions are performed in pairs. The partner helps to strengthen resistance at the peak of the exercise, thereby increasing its effectiveness. Exercises for stretching in a pair fit already prepared people.

How to sit on a twine at home: basic principles

Exercise Time

For classes it is better to allocate evening time. This is due to the fact that during the day the muscles are warmed up by themselves and come to the most prepared and heated state by the evening. However, this does not mean that you should not exercise in the morning. Before breakfast it will be useful to warm up a little and perform a charging system.

Warm up

Warm-up is an obligatory stage, preceding the stretching exercises. If you

you want to sit on the twine at home, warm-up should be carried out necessarily. Otherwise, you risk getting a serious injury to the ligaments.

As a warm-up, squats, jumpson a skipping rope, swinging legs, running. Muscles can also be warmed up after sitting for a while in a hot bath, but this is fraught with the fact that after relaxing water procedures you do not want to engage in physical activity.


To achieve visible results, exercise should be done regularly, without missing a workout. At the same time, the duration of stretching exercises should be at least an hour.

The quieter you go, the further you'll get

Graduality is one of the most important principles of mastering twine. In this case, haste

will lead to nothing good. Stretch muscles should be carefully, gradually increasing the load. During the exercise, it is normal to feel unpleasant sensations, but there should be no acute pain. During the exercises, you should concentrate completely on the muscles, feel how they stretch, and when they are better relax.

The right technique

To sit on a twine at home, you should always keep your back straight, do not bend your knees and do not overload the excessively joints.

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Stretching exercises

After doing the workout, you can proceed directly to stretching exercises.

Makhi feet - the most effective exercise,which can help prepare your muscles for the twine. To do this, it is necessary to stand on one leg so that the weight of the body is completely transferred to it. The second leg should be raised to the maximum possible

height. Repeat the exercise several times for each leg. During the exercise, the back should be kept flat, and the legs straightened at the knees.

To perform the second exercise, one legshould be placed on the table or any surface located at the level of your belt. After this, several inclines should be made to the foot on the floor. Then you need to change your legs and repeat the same procedure for the second leg. Do not be upset if at the beginning each exercise will be given to you with pain. Regular classes will soon cease to bring unpleasant sensations.

The following exercise is performed in the sitting position. Sit on the floor and spread your legs as wide as possible. Do not forget about the flat back. We reach out for our toes as far as possible, and press our breasts to the floor.

Next, the feet should be placed on the width of the shoulders andto unroll the knees. Try to sit as low as possible, without bulging your buttocks. Gradually, you should move from one leg to the other, so that one of the knees is bent, and the second - straightened.

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