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How to sit on a string fast?

Many women dream of having a good stretch, but the painful process of stretching many scares away. However, having a good stretch means:

  • health of the spine;
  • absence of salt deposits in the joints;
  • elasticity of muscles;
  • perfect coordination of movements
  • etc.

Therefore, there is a certain sense in forcing yourself to regular stretching exercises. About exercises and preparation for them is written further in the article.

Preparation for exercises

Before doing stretching exercises, you should perform a thorough warm-up. The lower the level of sports training, the longer the workout should be,

to avoid injury to the muscles.

Different types of stretching exercises shouldrun evenly on each leg. Breathing should be smooth, you do not need to delay it. The correctness of breathing depends on the relaxed muscles, and consequently the result.

Effective warm-up and rahogrevom for the muscles of the legs is a five-minute run. After five minutes of running, you can safely give a load on the muscles of the legs and groin.

How to sit on the splits?

To stretch the muscles you need to perform such exercises:

  • Starting position: sitting, legs apart. The left leg rests on the right foot, in the region of the inner thigh. It is necessary to tilt the body to the right leg and reach for the foot, and reach for the knee with the chest. The toe of the right foot is pulled to itself. Perform to the sensation of easy pulling pain, at the end of the exercise, hold in the lowest position for 1-5 minutes and repeat for the other leg.
  • Starting position: sitting, the left leg is located outside the adjacent
    hips. Carry the torso to the right leg. Do the same for the other leg.
  • Starting position: sitting, feet are brought together. Brushes put on the feet, elbows on the knees. It is necessary to push your elbows apart with your elbows to small discomfortable sensations. The exercise is aimed at stretching the muscles of the groin.
  • Starting position: sitting, legs together. Perform the torso of the trunk to the legs, clasp the feet with feet, fix the position for 5 seconds, straighten up to grasp the right calf cavity and raise it to the maximum, fix for 5 seconds. Continue the exercise for the other leg.
  • Twine
    Initial position: sitting, the left leg is bent at the knee so that the heel touches the buttocks. The right leg is straightened, the position should be such that a right angle is formed between the limbs. Perform slopes to the right leg, try to touch the chest of the knee. Do the exercise for the other leg.
  • Starting position: sitting, legs spread out, as wide as possible. Perform the torso of the trunk to each of the legs and between them. Perform 10-12 times, lock in the lowest position for 5 seconds.

There are many techniques to stretch your legs ontwine, but for 1 day to sit on the twine is simply impossible, because the muscles require constant active stretching exercises. Therefore, the regularity of doing exercises depends on how quickly you can sit on the twine.

In order to get acquainted, you can watch the videomaterials on the Internet, how to quickly sit on the twine. You can sit on twine for a month, if in the past there was a good stretching, special preparation. For a man whose muscles are not stretched and there were no stretching exercises, you can sit on the twine for three months of training. During these months it is necessary to regularly perform stretching exercises.

Benefits of stretching exercises

  • optimal circulation in the pelvic region, sacrum, joints, ligaments, abdominal cavity;
  • normalization of the intestine;
  • improved posture;
  • burning fat on the abdomen, thighs;
  • prevention of varicose veins.

On twine it is not recommended to sit down to persons with:

  • severe injuries of the spine;
  • inflammation of the hip joints;
  • a patient with a lower back;
  • bruises of the feet;
  • cracks in the bones, in particular the pelvis;
  • high blood pressure.
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