White roses are a symbol of purity and innocence. In most cases, seeing white roses in a dream is a good sign that promises something good in the future. However, everything depends on the specific situation in the dream.

Below we will consider in more detail what the white roses are dreamed of.

White roses in a dream: interpretation

  • A luxurious fragrant bouquet of white roses in a dream -a sign that in the near future you are waiting for a very tempting offer, from which you can not refuse. It is also a symbol of a good love affair or a strong marriage.
  • If you dream that you get a white giftroses, then expect positive changes in life, career development. Also presented white roses are a sign of loyalty to the partner. However, if you yourself give someone a rose, then something will be lost in real life or you will be deceived by an unfamiliar person.
  • If you are dreaming of withered roses, then in real life, expect misfortune, illness and trouble.
  • If a married woman dreamed of how she was pricked with thorns of roses, then this is a symbol of infidelity and betrayal of a loved one. Also, the thorns of a loved one are dreamed of by thorns.
  • Unblown white roses in a dream is a symbolproblems and troubles in your environment: relatives, relatives, colleagues. However, according to another interpretation, if the unbroken buds dreamed in the winter, it promises an improvement in the material situation, making a profit.

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