In the world there are thousands of dream books! And in each of them you can find the meaning of almost any dream. In this article we will look at the most popular meanings of dreams and we will try to answer the question "What does the pancakes dream about?".

The Russian dream book states that to see a pile of pancakes - to receive a letter, and there are them - to trouble, unpleasant news.

Asking the question, what is the dream of pancakes,esoteric dream book, we received other information: if you were baking pancakes in a dream, wait for guests, and if you ate them in a dream, prepare for pleasant meetings and a festive dinner.

It also matters which blini you dreamed and how they lay on a plate. If you dream pancakes ruddy, fresh and lying on a plate smoking steaming - you will find success and well-being.

Why do we have pancakes on a plate? Pancakes on a plate are made to fulfill wishes and hopes.

Why dream thin, crooked, burnt pancakes? If you ate them straight from the frying pan - wait for minor troubles.

If the oil hissed and splashed when baking, you can not avoid family quarrels.

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