Without the heirs of the great cultures of China, Japan andKorea's world cinema would be much poorer. If you want a fresh view of the world, new perspectives, you should turn to the Oriental cinema. In these 10 films, wisdom is side by side with beauty.

Not one less / Yi ge dou bu neng shao, 1999

13-year-old girl agrees within a monthreplace the teacher in the village school for 50 yuan, also 10 yuan by agreement with the teacher she should get, if no child leaves school before the return of Gao teacher. It is very difficult to fulfill this requirement. Modest and simple in the film tells about the life of an ordinary village school in China.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon / Wo hu cang long, 2000

Beautiful fairy tale about the search for an ancient sword, shot in the genre of Chinese combat fantasy with all of its favorite "receivers" - flying masters of kung fu and sophisticated scenes of battles.

The path of a thousand miles / Qian li zou dan qi, 2005

The father does not know his son well, because he quarreledwith him many years ago. But now the son is seriously ill and is still not ready to reconcile with his father. And the father begins a long journey to his heart by completing the work that the son was doing when he was healthy. He goes to another country to finish the film about the Chinese opera, not knowing the language, understanding nothing either in photography or in opera. And he is actually making the journey "a thousand miles", recognizing his son, recognizing people, recognizing himself.

7 Samurai / Shichinin no samurai, 1954

16th century. The Japanese village suffers from invasion of bandits and for protection employs samurai. But the plot does not revolve around the confrontation between the samurai and the bandits - there are many more contradictions between the samurai and the peasants who hired them. In the genius tape of Akiro Kurosawa, each character is thoroughly verified, all the details of the medieval Japanese village have been carefully worked out.

House of Flying Daggers / Shi mian mai fu, 2004

Incredibly beautiful film. Beautiful landscapes, music, penetrating into the heart. All this slowness and calm, despite the flying daggers and swords, stained with blood. Well, doomed love adds drama.

Shower / Xizao, 1999

Warm humor and dramatic history - the mainintonation of the film, most of whose actions take place in the public bath. Here there is a special atmosphere and centuries-old ritual of ablution. This closed world is opposed to the cynicism of the modern world, hasty and superficial, with its desire to build a large wellness complex on the site of a bath.

Masquerade / Gwanghae, Wangyidoen namja, 2012

The king ruled the country for 8 years, and now heit seems that someone has decided to poison him. He orders a jester who previously performed obscene performances before the crowd, to play the role of king before the courtiers. A beautiful Korean movie with great costumes and perfectly framed shots.

The Tokyo novel / Tôkyô monogatari, 1953

The husband and wife are going to Tokyo, they have notmet with the children. And children have their own worries: one must work, one must survive, one must think about the future. The past is in the past. Sons, daughters - all but the daughter-in-law, - diligently avoid contact with unexpected guests. The film is shot without tearing and bitterness, it's a bit sad, but a sensible and calm view of things that people can not change.

Empty house / Bin-jip, 2004

In the works of Kim Ki-Dook, the characters either do not speak, oralmost do not speak. But everything turns out to be understandable without words. A lone motorcyclist, Tae Suk, pastes advertising brochures on the doors of houses and apartments, closing keyholes. Later, he returns to check which ads are removed, and which are still hanging: so Ta Suk determines which of the houses are empty. Then he opens the lock and enters the apartment. Ta Suk lives in the house until the hosts return. In return, he does a little work around the house: he erases the master's things, repairs the broken appliances.

History of Hatiko / Hachikô monogatari, 1987

Until tears, the touching story of a dog named Khatiko was originally filmed in Japan about a Japanese dog from the Akita breed. And withdrawn, perhaps, more heartfelt than the American remake.

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