WiFi is a convenient way to provide access toInternet for all devices in the house. The wireless network allows you to use a laptop, smartphone or tablet anywhere in the room, regardless of the network cable. In this article, we'll show you how to create a network over WiFi and what you need for that. You may also be interested in the article How to create a network between laptops.

Buying a WiFi router

To create a home WiFi network,of course, have an Internet connection in principle. Suppose you have a wired Internet in your home already. Then all you need is to buy a router with WiFi. The choice depends entirely on your preferences - there are models for every taste. You can choose an option with a large number of antennas - then the signal WiFi will be more powerful. In addition, pay attention to the standard: most devices are compatible with WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, although in recent years there have been more modern standards for WiFi 802.11a and WiFi 802.11ac. They support a higher data transfer rate, but you do not need to overpay for a router with WiFi 802.11 a / ac support if your smartphone or tablet does not support these standards. Work with such a router, of course, he can, but at normal speeds.

Alternatively, you can not buy a router, and the pointaccess - it is less functional and serves, in fact, "WiFi-attachment" to the network cable. The advantage of the router is that in addition to the organization of the wireless network, it has several ports for connecting wired devices (for example, a computer or printer), and also has a built-in firewall to protect against hacker attacks.

How to create a WiFi network through a router

To create a local network through a router,connect the cable of the ISP to the WAN port of the router and go to the settings through the browser. Typically, the web interface of the router is available at or - more exact information can be found in the manual of your model. It also tells you how to set up WiFi, but in general you should look for a section called "WiFi Network", "Wireless Network", etc.

If the settings have an option of the type "EnableWiFi », activate it. In addition, it is highly recommended to set a password for the wireless network so that unauthorized persons can not connect to it. To do this, select the method of encrypting the connection - WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK. The best option is the latter, but the first one is not recommended. Type the password in the "Network key" field. Save the settings to make the network via WiFi active. Now you can connect to it from any of your devices.

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