Think about turning your laptop into afree Wi-Fi hotspot and distribute the already existing Internet without buying expensive Wi-Fi routers? Or, finally, stop recognizing passwords from neighbors? Then this instruction is what you need. Before you create a Wi-Fi network on your laptop, you must first connect and configure it. Read more about this in the articles How to connect Wi-Fi on a laptop and How to configure Wi-Fi on a laptop.

First step. Preparation

  1. Open the network management center.
  2. In the window that opens, we find the line "change the sharing settings".
  3. We open it and prohibit in it everything that relates to the common Internet.

The second step. Creating a wireless connection

  1. Clicking on the designation of the "Network Management Center" located on the taskbar, open it.
  2. Next, select the setting for the new connection.
  3. We find the setting of the computer-to-computer network and choose "Next".
  4. The next window is also skipped.
  5. We stop when you need to specify a name for the new network.
  6. We write the name, and leave everything else unchanged and press "Next".
  7. After the notification appears that the network is created, we return to the "Network Management Center" again.
  8. While in it, go to the "Wireless Network Management", in which we look that as a result of all our manipulations we have a new network.
  9. Then, right-clicking on it, select "Properties" from the list.
  10. We go into them and make sure that there is no encryption.

The third step. Creating a Network Bridge

  1. Go to the "Network Management Center" and open the "Change adapter settings" tab, located on the left side.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key and select "Connect via wireless network" and over the local network.
  3. We click on any of them and choose the bridge setting.
  4. We are waiting for the completion of the procedure for creating the bridge. (There will be visual confirmation).
  5. Important! During or after the creation of the bridge, a window will appear where you are prompted to select the location of the network.
  6. Reference! A bridge is needed to transfer the Internet from the cable to a new wireless network.
  7. We choose a network for the house.

The fourth step. Network connection

  1. Open the list of wireless networks and connect the created network by clicking "Connect".
  2. Next, we connect to the created Wi-Fi access point from another laptop, phone or netbook, having previously updated the list of networks that are available.
  3. Reference. If there are problems with creating a network bridge, we check if the Internet is not shared.

Private network created. To disable Wi-Fi on the laptop, use the item 4.1, just click "Disconnect". It remains only to learn how to create a network between laptops.

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