Sometimes there is a situation where it is necessaryclose the bank account. This may be due to the change of credit representative or simply you do not use the card for a long time, but you still have to pay for using the bank's services. In this case, you can close the bank account.

In order to close the account it is necessary to prepare:

  • passport;
  • an application for closing a current account;
  • handle.

Procedure for closing a bank account

  1. Debt repayment. If there is a debt on the card, before you close the bank account, you need to pay it off. This can be done through the cashier's bank or through an ATM. Otherwise, you will be denied closing the account.
  2. Money transfer. The money that is on the account must be transferred to another account (you can transfer it to an account in another bank). It is worth considering that the bank can take a commission for this procedure. If the amount of the remaining funds is less than the commission of the bank, then you can transfer money to an internal account. The client can also withdraw cash from the bank's cash desk without commission.
  3. Application for closing a current account. In order to close the account, you need to prepare a statement of the established pattern. The application form is issued at the bank. After you fill out the form, you must give it to the employee of the credit organization, who will take your case to work. In some cases, banks "forget" to close accounts, so it's worth protecting yourself. To do this, ask the person in charge to sign your application, put the date and remove a copy from it. Thus, you will have proof of contacting the bank. Sometimes banks do not immediately accept your application, but only the day after the appeal. If there is a debt on the card, the interest for that day will accrue automatically.
  4. After you complete the application,a bank employee can ask you for a passport in order to verify all the data you have entered, and pick up a bank card and check books (if any). You may also need a photocopy of your passport.
  5. After all the highlights will beare settled, after a few days (the period depends on the bank), the cardholder should call and notify the account closure. Notice in paper form will be required from the bank employee.
  6. After visiting the bank, you must alsoto address with the notice in tax inspection. This moment is very important, because it is there that you will receive confirmation of the bank account closure. Information to the tax inspection is provided because many commercial banks provide information only on prior requests. If the client has no debt to the tax inspection, the bank account will be closed immediately.

The grounds for closing a current account in a bank

Closing of the current account in the bank is possible:

  • by mutual agreement of the parties (the client intends to close the account and the bank has no claims to it);
  • unilaterally, at the request of the bank (this procedure is possible if the client does not make any transactions on the card within a year or if there are no funds for two years);
  • unilaterally at the request of the client (the client can close the account at any time without specifying the reasons, but at the same time he should not have debts to the credit organization);
  • by a court decision (in which case the account is frozen, after which the client can not perform banking transactions).
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