In recent years, the Fix-Price store has receivedgreat popularity. On YouTube you will find thousands of reports on purchases in the Fix-Price, this is a real phenomenon that shocked me in due time. It would seem, how can hundreds of thousands of views of videos in which women simply get out of the package and briefly comment on household purchases: napkins, plates, biscuits, detergents and other things for 50 rubles. I explained to myself this: the need for consumption in our society is inflated to an incredible scale.

Even I, a minimalist with experience, still feela strong surge of hormones during purchases. What to say about people who live in uncomfortable conditions, go to unloved work and at the same time have to save on everything. They would be happy to go to expensive resorts, buy jewelry and designer clothes. But for them it is not available. And then there is a Fix-price, where everything is 50-100 rubles, and it seems so miserable that you can afford at least a hundred things. The need for consumption is satisfied, and then these things usually litter the house or are simply thrown away. I many times heard in the video reviews this wording: "it's only 50 rubles, it will break (do not like it) - it's not a pity." As a result, not just 50 rubles, but thousands, is thrown away, as a huge number of things are bought, which are programmed in a short time to become garbage. And here already about any economy of speech is not present.

However, I really love the Fix-Price store, andI make purchases there quite often. But these are the things that I really need, and which I then use for a long time with great pleasure. As a rule, these are interior objects and kitchen utensils:

  • dishes (plastic and ceramic),
  • dostochki,
  • kitchen towels and rags,
  • containers for storage,
  • different stylish trivia: napkins, soap dishes, napkins, ceramic flower pots, picture frames and photos - very rare, but there are very beautiful things that look like designer, but there are really pennies,
  • sometimes I find a good office and puzzles.

For example, this magnificent elephant, which became a napkin, was bought for 50 rubles, in ordinary interior stores it would cost up to 10 times more expensive.

I take the Fix-price as a flea market, onwhich a lot of junk, among which you can dig a pearl. I go there often, but I do not do much shopping. Although I am a minimalist, I also live in a consumption society and are dependent on its laws, but I act according to my rules, and buy only what I really need and that will please me, not succumbing to the alluring and low prices and promotions.

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