In order to make the kitchen comfortable andbeautiful, it is desirable to design it before the repair, that is, to draw a kitchen design. After all, just drawing it - on paper or using a special computer program (about this method is sometimes said - to paint the kitchen online), you can think over all the subtleties - for example, the degree of functionality or filling the kitchen. So, let's start our project.

How to draw a kitchen - tips

First of all, you need to measure the kitchen: to measure the length of walls and skirting boards, as well as the parameters of window and door openings, because for the arrangement of kitchen furniture this will be very important. It is advisable to think about how the kitchen cabinets and tables, the stove and the refrigerator, the extractor, and also, if necessary, the washing machine and dishwasher, will be located. To do this, set the scale and make the first, the rough scheme, on which we transfer all the objects. In this scheme, you will see a fairly accurate location of all items relative to kitchen walls and openings. If kitchen boxes are placed on legs, you will need to decide how to install them to better distribute their weight. Form the headset better from the corner, while the plan should indicate the location of all cabinets and household appliances. Here you need to decide on the choice of what kind of cuisine you want to see: straight or angled.

Household appliances and furniture

Having on the scheme household appliances, you needconsider that the washing machine and dishwasher should be located next to the sink, because it is so convenient to connect to the water supply and sewerage. When installing the oven and hob, it is advisable to provide for their location away from the refrigerator. The main working area can be placed between the sink and the hob. As for furniture, drawers are almost always more practical than cabinets with doors. In the corner cabinet, the best solution is to build in a "magic corner" or a carousel, rather than a sink, but in order to make it more convenient to use the dishwasher, you do not need to install it to the sink at an angle, it's best if they are on the same line. Only having formed the lower part of the kitchen, proceed to the upper part. Note that the height of the cabinets varies depending on the manufacturer, and ranges from 40 cm to 1 m. With regard to the hood, the built-in is mounted under the cabinet, and the fireplace - this is a separate unit, installed instead of the cabinet. The drying cabinet is best placed above the sink.

A program where you can draw a kitchen

After you have designed the layoutkitchen furniture and appliances, you can proceed with the design, that is, choose the color, style, materials from which furniture will be made. And in this we will benefit from various computer programs. I will list a few of your choice: PRO100, Aston dizayn, Sweet Home 3D, FloorPlan 3D, Google Sketchup, Home Plan Pro, IKEA Home Planner. Each of these programs has its own merits, and you can learn more about them here.

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