To draw a bird's feather, it is necessary, beforeall, decide which feather you will draw, because the appearance of feathers is different for each species of birds. Below you will find a step by step instruction on how to draw a peacock feather.

How to draw a pen with a pencil

For our instruction, we have chosen a decorative way to paint a pen, because it is not complicated in the image, but it looks very impressive on paper.

  • Step 1. Draw a vertically stretched oval - this will be the center of our pen.
  • Step 2. Below the oval we draw the stem (it should extend slightly to both edges).
  • Step 3. We draw circles inside the oval, and additional lines inside the stem (this is necessary for the decorative detailing of the picture). Step 4. On one side of the stem and oval we draw villi of different length, similar to the tongues of flame.
  • Step 5. Precisely repeat the pattern of the villi on the other side (they must be strictly symmetrical).
  • Step 6. Dash our pen with a pencil or paint with colors.

Now you know how to draw a pen with a pencil. Try it, and you will succeed!

How to draw a feather

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