Crow is an amazing bird that is differentnot only developed intellect, but also a high life expectancy. How many years live crows in nature - it is known. The average life expectancy of a crow is 20 years. It is also known how many crows live with a man. The domestic raven lives for 40-50 years, often more. Strange as it may seem, it is not known exactly how many of the longest living crows lived in man. It happens that crows go from fathers to sons, live for 100 years. There is also a case when the raven lived 210 years, moving from father to son, but this case is not documented, so it can not be recognized as an official record.

Despite association with death, the crows are already in theMiddle Ages found a place among people, like a pet. The bird easily tamed at an early age and remained faithful to the owner for a long life. In addition, the crow was attractive with its intelligence, the ability to reproduce human speech and elegance. The bird occupies a significant place in the culture of different peoples of the world, in mythology. In heraldry, the raven became a symbol of foresight, wisdom, and longevity.

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