If your life is in any way connected withsuch beautiful animals as cats, then in a dream they can be ordinary characters that do not in fact mean anything. It's another matter if you do not have a cat or a cat, but in a dream it suddenly appeared, and even performs some strange actions. In this case, perhaps, it makes sense to find out what the cat is dreaming about.

Interestingly, more often than not these cute animalsnothing good is foretold in a dream. It happens that cats or cats in a dream mean envious persons or slanderers, experiences or illnesses. A small kitten is a hassle. And the more kittens will be, the more you can expect trouble. If you get rid of kittens or adult cats by some of your actions (maybe even kill them), then you will manage in the near future with problems, worries or envious persons. If you fight with a cat, then the probability of illness is high. If during a fight the cat scratches you, then, perhaps, the illness will last for a long period of time. White cats that treat you kindly - like a reminder of a loved one who really needs your help. Think about who it might be.

Is it worth writing about what a black cat is dreaming about? Even in life, many of us try not to cross on the street with such cats. In a dream they also will not bring you anything good. It is said that if a person sees a black cat in a dream, then he can begin to prepare for the impending disaster. Why dream of a red cat? Just like in the case of other colors, the main thing is what he does, and not what color he is (except, as we already mentioned, black and white cats make up). Although it happens so, that the color of the cat can hint at some particular person. If you see in a dream how someone eats a cat, know that this person is a traitor.

And remember that dreams only sometimes symbolically show us the most probable future. Often it is just a dream, which means absolutely nothing.

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