Those who just started using the operating roomthe Android system, there may be a variety of questions. One such issue is removing applications from your phone or tablet. Some of the programs or games are completely unnecessary for the device owner, however they are included in the standard set. Also, this action is required to free space on the memory card or in the phone's memory. So let's talk about how to remove the game from Android.

There are several options for removal:

  • standard method;
  • using specialized applications.

In the first case, you must enter the menu and click on the "setting" tab. Next we find the item "applications", go to "application management" or "my applications". Select the unnecessary and delete.

In the second case, additional programs are used. For example: ASTRO File manager or file manager. It's also simple:

  • go to the program,
  • select the "Applications" icon,
  • then "installed applications"
  • select the necessary and delete.

From all that has been said, it is clear that this is very simple.

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