At birth, the children of your favorite Muryskiseem to be so identical that the question of how to determine the gender of the kitten may arise? On the very it's not so difficult, it's enough just to look at the kid under his tail.

The shape and relative position of the urogenital orifices will give you the exact answer.

So, it is necessary to put the kitten carefullytummy in the palm of your hand and gently lift his tail. You will see two holes. Top - anal (located under the tail) - looks the same for all kittens. But the urethra is in the girls almost close to the anus and has the shape of an elongated slit, while in boys it is about 1-2 centimeters apart and has a round shape.

Note that in the offspring there are usually bornheterosexual kittens. This allows us to compare them and give an unmistakable answer. By the way, sometimes thinking about how to determine the sex of a newborn kitten, the owners do not suspect that it is even easier, because the baby's hair has not yet rasshushilas, which means that the features of the structure are not hidden.

And finally I want to note that sometimestry to determine the gender of kittens by the presence of "bulges". If the question is about 1-2-month-old kittens, then the orientation on this will not help to decide. The fact is that in boys the testicles can not fall down immediately, it means that the scrotum will be almost impossible to examine or grope, since it will be small. On the contrary, girls may have swelling in the first weeks of life in the genital area, which will disappear later.

So the method described above will be the most accurate for determining the gender of the kitten.

For a better understanding of how to determine the gender of the kitten, you can see special photos that are full on the Internet.

How to determine the sex of a kitten

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