The definition of the sex of an undulating parrot for many ofwe are a real problem. Indeed, for a layman this task can be practically impracticable. You need to know some nuances in which we will try to understand this article. The most accurate way to determine the sex of a parrot is to analyze the color of a bird's bird.

It should be noted that young individuals, often,have almost the same color of wax. This significantly complicates the definition of gender. Before maturation, both females and males have a pale violet or pink color of plumage. The only difference between young females and males is that they have white circles around their nostrils. As for the male, their waxen has a uniform color.

About four months in the male waxbegins to turn blue. As the bird matures, the color of the feathers gradually changes from purple and violet to blue and bright blue. In variegated birds, the color of which differs by the predominance of white or yellow colors, the wax-ness can remain purple for life.

In turn, females, as they grow olderget a pale blue or beige color. The female vowel, ready for reproduction, has a brown tinge. In the question of how to determine the sex of a wavy parrot, we sorted it out. Now let's pay attention to another popular species of parrots - Corellians.

The easiest way to determine genderthese birds when they reached 3.5 months of age. It is at this stage in life that the male Corellians begin to sing. The "vocal" period of males lasts for a relatively short time (about 2.5 weeks). Therefore, many breeders, after hearing the first songs of the corals, put labels to avoid confusion in the future. There is another sign of how to determine the sex of the Corellian parrot. It is related to the fact that the female has a more rounded body shape and smooth features. In addition, women are more calm and almost silent. Only sometimes they "tweet".

At white parrots of the given kind the floor is defined easier. Thus, females, as a rule, have a yellow (lemon) color of plumage. However, this feature is only relevant until the first molt.

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