Often, the owners of adults and well-bredanimals face a serious problem - the cat begins to "walk around the corners," to carpets, and sometimes even to a bed or other upholstered furniture. Let's figure out why a cat catches the tray, what could be the reason for this.

Problem in the tray or in the filler

A cat can shit past the tray - nearby, or inthe nearest corner if she does not like the tray itself - it is too tall, or too small for a cat, can stand in the wrong place, uncomfortable for a cat, or make an unpleasant smell. In addition, the cat may not be satisfied with the filler, which is filled with the tray. The easiest solution is to change the tray and filler, as well as evaluate the location in which the tray is placed.

The problem in the pet itself

Sometimes a cat suddenly stops walking on its ownA place that suited her for many years, up to the point where an animal starts to shit on pieces of furniture or things of the owners. Why does a cat get bogged down on a bed, why does it suddenly change its habits? The answer to this question is one - a disease. If the situation goes to the fact that the cat starts to shit on the bed, then either it does not control the process of urination at all, or experiences severe pain during it, and tries to do it in a soft, most comfortable place. In this situation, you need to urgently show the animal to the veterinarian, since the lack of proper treatment can lead to the death of the animal!

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