Cats are the most favorite pets, they areare touched most of all. For owners it is very important to interpret every gesture of your pet. If you have a question about why cats are worn out, then you are probably surprised by such strange behavior and do not know how to interpret it. We'll tell you everything.

There is nothing terrible in this action. This is a manifestation of happiness, a happy and infantile life. Why infantile? Yes, because it is a "childish" habit. So the kittens stimulate the feeding of milk from the mother cat, pressing it on the stomach next to the nipples. An adult cat has this habit. She can stomp on a blanket or person, for example, before going to bed. If a cat stumbles on her knees, it means that she perceives you as her mother. This is the highest measure of recognition when a cat is very pleased. Do not offend her by dropping her knees when she starts releasing claws. Just take a neat little paw, gently push back the claw and say: "Do not!". Pussy will understand everything.

That is, if your cat hovers, it means that you have created such a good living conditions for her that she feels like a kitten.

We told you about cat treading. This is a habit you should not worry about. She says only that you are a good host. Continue just as well take care of your cat, and she will reciprocate you.

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