Careful owners follow every gesture of their ownthe pet. Many lovers of cats think that their animal knows everything, understands and very clever. They often see in their behavior intelligence. That's probably why they ask themselves why the cat looks into the eyes.

Most likely, the cat does not have any sensualmotives, when she looks into your eyes for a long time. On the one hand, it's an instinct. By the pupils it is possible to determine in what state the person is: excited or calm, and, accordingly, to assess the degree of his danger. On the other hand, this action is just natural. On a homogeneous face, the eyes are distinguished by color, mobility, brilliance. Like any other moving object, he attracts a cat. More cats look into the eyes when they want to ask for food or drink. You do not deny them food after a penetrating look, right? In general, in living beings, eye contact is a meaningful exchange of information.

We also advise simply to closely monitor the behavior of your animal. Then you will determine the meaning of his habits without other people's hints.

But experienced cat lovers warn that notall pets can be answered with a similar reciprocity. A cat may well pounce on you after a long look in your eyes, treating it as a challenge. Even if the animal does not attack you, it will remember you as a dangerous and aggressive object. In order to determine whether the cat is angry or frightened, it is enough to look at her pupils. If they are very broad, it means that they are afraid, and if they are narrow, then they are ready to attack.

Now we have given you pointers for interpretationbehavior of your animal. Perhaps this will help you to establish relationships with him or make them even more harmonious. Since at the moment when you meet with her views, and especially if you see a cat for the first time, that's how she determines who dominates here, who is the main one. At the same moment, at the first meeting, the cat decides who you are for her: friend or foe.

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