In a pet store or friends you saw a wonderful creature - a guinea pig. What you need to know before you start the house of this animal. How to care for guinea pig and what is required for this?

All the pluses and minuses of how to care for guinea pig, which must be weighed, before starting a house pig.

Benefits of guinea pigs

  • It does not take much space in the house;
  • Complete absence of aggression towards the owner;
  • Long life expectancy in captivity;
  • Very interesting in behavior.
  • Since there are already many decorative kinds of guinea pigs, among the variety there are extremely beautiful breeds;
  • It is active in the daytime, in comparison with the chinchilla, which sleeps during the day, and at night the pig is awake, will cause less anxiety.

Arguments against guinea pigs

  • As with any rodent, care and cleaning of the cell is necessary. With poor care and neglect of the place of detention, a peculiar unpleasant odor will appear;
  • If you keep a long-haired pig, then you should carefully take care of the coat.

Requirement for nutrition

So, you have weighed all the pros and cons anddecided that for you it would not be difficult to care for the guinea pig. Before you buy and bring a new animal to the house, read a couple of tips from specialists how to care for guinea pig:

  • Never start animals just for funfor your child. First of all, you must educate in it the responsibility and perception that this is a living being with its own character and needs;
  • An important fact will be thatthe life expectancy of guinea pigs is approximately 8 years and above. Have you thought well and are ready to take care of the plant that has been planted for such a long time ?;
  • It is necessary to find out if there is an allergy from one of the family members to the wool;
  • Do not forget who will take care of yourpet, if suddenly you need to leave. Often without thinking people, they take a new pet into the house. And only then they have a question, and what to do on the nose of a long-awaited vacation and a trip, but there's nowhere to put your beloved kitten, puppy or any other pet;
  • Think about whether you are willing to give enough time to keep the animal in proper conditions - cleanliness, satiety and joy;
  • Guinea pig belongs to the category of rodents. Therefore, it is worth knowing in advance that walking around the house may suffer from furniture and everything your pet can get to.

How to care for guinea pig - main recommendations

Where is it better to keep the guinea pig?

To keep you a better fit cell orterrarium in size not less than 50cm. Buy more spacious accommodation for your pet, it needs movement and free space for rest. But the cells and cages of the terrarium have their pros and cons:

  • We decided to keep the guinea pig in the terrarium, then it's worth mentioning the following facts: cleanliness around the terrarium, the mumps will be protected from drafts, you will not be disturbed by the sound of grinding rods;
  • We decided to keep the pig in the cage: you are more available to communicate with your pet, the convenience of attaching special appliances and goodies, free access to fresh air.

Useful trivia and tips in choosing the filling of the cell:

  • Filler for cells can serve as simplesawdust, and pressed wood filler (better absorbs). Fill the bottom with a uniform filler layer no more than 4cm and do not forget to clean the cage as it gets soiled;
  • As a drinker, take a ball-point vertical. Fill the drinking bowl always to the very top, otherwise the cage will have excess moisture due to leakage of drinkers. Change the water daily, use filtered or boiled water;
  • The feeder is best purchased from ceramics, it is more stable and the pig does not turn it over during eating. How and how to feed the pig can you read in our article what to feed the guinea pig ?;
  • For comfort and convenience, place in the cage a hammock,in which the mumps will rest. The house is best placed either only for the night, or dispensed completely without it - the mumps will be more fearful and constantly hiding in the house;
  • Periodically wash your mumps and cut off grown claws. If you have a long-haired pig at home, do not forget to comb it, otherwise the wool will fall into the coils.

Acquire animals in specializedpet shops, there you will be advised all about the care of the selected animal, will select all the necessary assortment of necessary things and give at least some guarantee that he is healthy.

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