Many people choose as petsaquarium fish. They do not leave hair, are unpretentious in food and care, they remain silent and will never wake up in the middle of the night. In addition, fish have an excellent ability to calm the watcher. But do not forget that the fish require daily care. Let's talk about how to properly care for fish.

Aquarium and its inhabitants

When choosing an aquarium, you need to consider the size of the fish. If you preferred large fish, then the aquarium should be taken accordingly.

For some fish, various designs are needed at the bottom - caves, shelters, etc. Especially they are required for fish living on the bottom.

In the aquarium snails can live. They will help both care for aquarium fish, and maintain the purity of water. After the snails clean the walls of the aquarium and eat the remains of food.

Algae are an extremely important component of the aquarium - in them fish lay eggs, in plants, fish can rest. But the vegetation should not be much - otherwise the water can deteriorate.

How to care for fish: practical advice


Feeding should be done 1-2 times a day foradult fish, and up to 5 times for fry. Pour the feed as much as the fish can eat, in time you will determine the daily rate. Excess feed should be cleaned, as they spoil the water. The food can be dry or live. In the first case it is dry daphnia or various mixtures, as a live feed suits the tuber or duckweed. Carefully read what is best to feed your species of fish.

Habitat parameters

Daily it is necessary to check the water temperature. If necessary, add warm or cold water to the aquarium.

It is also important to monitor and illumination. Some fish throughout the day need light, so you should get a special lighting device.

The soil in the aquarium can be different - sand, gravel, natural or artificial stones.

In the aquarium, a filter or a compressor for water must always work. He will purify the water, and also saturate it with oxygen.

Cleaning the aquarium

Once a month, you should do a generalcleaning the aquarium. For this, you need to carefully catch fish in a net in another aquarium. And only then start cleaning. To do this, drain the water, clean the walls and the bottom of the contamination, rinse the filter

How to care for goldfish

Goldfish require special care, if you have started this breed, you need to remember about the following conditions:

  • Spacious aquarium. Goldfish like space. Therefore, the aquarium should be calculated at a rate of 10 liters per 2 fish.
  • Goldfish require oxygenated water, so you do not need to save on the filter.
  • As a primer, gravel is best. It should not be too small, otherwise the fish will eat it.
  • As a feed, it is best to use special mixtures for this breed. Sometimes you can give pieces of lettuce or cooked eggs.
  • It is important to remember that the Goldfish is temperature-demanding, so use a thermometer. It is necessary to maintain a temperature of about 21 degrees.

How to Care for a Fish Cockerel

Fish Cockerel, sometimes calledfighters, will not leave anyone indifferent. The males of this breed organize the most real competitions. But, despite the fighting nature, this breed loves warm and stagnant water, at 22-24 degrees. Also for Petushki you need a large aquarium. This species is very fond of algae, so it is worth getting vegetation.

And the last thing to remember is that this breed is very contact, so you can get other aquarium inhabitants - snails, catfishes.

How to care for Guppies

It is worth remembering that Guppies are not choosy to habitat conditions. But, to fish was healthy, you must observe certain conditions:

  • This breed is omnivorous, but loves live food. Therefore please your pets with a spoon and a pipe man.
  • Aquarium can not buy big. Guppies will normally get along in a 10 liter aquarium.
  • In the choice of soil and vegetation can not think about - everything that you like
  • The temperature limits for Guppies are great. Fish normally live in water 20-26 degrees.
  • Experts advise sometimes to add iodine to the aquarium - this will give brightness to the fish.
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