Before you start any animal, you need to have an idea of ​​it, to know what it needs. We will tell you how to care for a turtle.

First you need to find out who are such turtles? They are reptiles, they belong to the reptilian class, a detachment of a turtle. Very ancient species, which appeared more than 220 million years ago. There are more than 230 species of turtles. But only about twenty species are suitable for keeping in captivity. It is not difficult to care for a home turtle, therefore they are suitable for people who do not have much free time, but want to have a pet. Turtles are divided into land and sea.

How to care for a land tortoise

The most popular species of land tortoises is Mediterranean. They can be purchased at any pet store. Here are some tips for those who are going to start a turtle.

  • Equip the place. To keep these animals, an aquarium or terrarium with an area of ​​at least 2400 cubic cm (60 by 40) is suitable. The more space, the better! Although turtles creep slowly, they also want diversity, rather than sitting constantly in one place. Terrarium can be bought, ordered at a pet store or made by yourself. The material is not important, usually glass or plastic is used. Be sure to pour the ground-sawdust, wood chips or sand. To a turtle was comfortable, it is necessary to put a house in its dwelling. On sale they are almost none, so you can adjust half a flowerpot, a box or something else. The main thing to look, that there were no sharp corners, otherwise the turtle can be wounded, having hooked on them. Important: the terrarium needs to be placed higher (on the table, the curb, etc.) In no case should a turtle be kept on the floor, without a specially equipped place. She can easily catch a cold, catch an infection and die!
  • Observe a certain temperature. Since turtles are reptiles, their body temperature depends directly on the ambient temperature. For a normal life, the turtle is 26-28 degrees. You need to put a lamp in the terrarium. It is best if it is an infrared heater, but you can also put an ordinary incandescent lamp to 60 watts.
  • Put the ultraviolet lamp. You can buy a lamp for reptiles in a pet store, or buy in the store an ultraviolet lamp with UVB 10%, not more. If the percentage is not written on the package, you should not buy, such a lamp can only harm the animal. Ultraviolet lamp - imitation of ultraviolet rays. With its help, calcium is better absorbed, hence the tortoise shell will be firm, the bones will grow properly. Change the lamp at least once a year.
  • Watch for the hygiene of the turtle. These animals need to bathe (1-2 times a week at a temperature of 30 degrees, so that the water reaches only to the neck and does not hide the head), cut their claws (when they grow strongly), walk (in summer at a temperature of 20 degrees, The more often, the better).
  • Look after the health of the turtle. Immediately show the animal to a vet herpetologist if you observe at least one of these signs: the turtle does not eat for more than a week, pus in the eyes, stuck eyelids, red spots on the shell, wounds on the paws and neck). If you thought anything in the behavior and appearance of the turtle is abnormal - it is also better to show it to the doctor. Do not risk the health and life of the animal, letting everything go on its own!

How to care for a water turtle

To look after sea turtles (other name-water) is also not so difficult. The content of aquatic turtles is little different from the content of the tortoises of the land.

These animals need water in the aquarium. Do not pour water from the tap, it contains too much chlorine, which will negatively affect the animal. Pour water into a container and hold for three days. Only after that it can be poured into the aquarium.

There is an opinion that sea turtles for lifeis carried out in water. This is not true. They definitely need to equip the island with a dry place, where they can relax. Over the island, you need to hang a lamp to maintain the desired temperature (the temperature was written above).

The most common type of water turtle-red-bellied. It's not hard to take care of a red-bellied tortoise, and it's very interesting to watch them. Care should be taken when communicating with them, otherwise there is a risk of being bitten.

The most important difference in care between landand water turtles (not counting of course that the second for life requires water) - this is feeding. More information about this can be found here: what to feed the turtle?

Is it right to take care of a tortoise-is it difficult or not? Each person will respond in different ways. If you compare with a dog or a cat, then, of course, it is easy. But turtles, like any other animals, need to pay attention. With good care, a tortoise can live 30-40 or even 50 years! Therefore, before it starts, you need to think carefully weigh all the pros and cons and decide whether you are ready to take on this responsibility. If you still decided to have a turtle, I hope this article will help you!

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