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How to care for a hamster?

Who did not want to have a nice homeand a fluffy hamster? Many did, but for a long time, hamsters did not live. Can you tell me why? And the answer is very simple, in fact, hamsters require special care. So, some tips on how to take care of your pet.

How to take care of a hamster?

The first thing you need to learn is that the hamster -the animal is single, that is, hamsters do not like to share a cell with anyone. Therefore, every hamster should be in a separate cage. Otherwise, hamsters can cripple or bite each other. Hamsters come in different breeds, mostly they have golden color, but there are other shades (mostly hamsters, bred in captivity). And also there are "angora" hamsters, they are also called Syrian, they usually have long hair. A variety of Dzhungar (dwarf) hamsters is very common, some of them are called Sunguriki. These hamsters are half the size of their Syrian counterparts and do not like to sit in the arms of a man. Well, the smallest species are Roborovsky hamsters, they have white eyebrows, and also differ from the others in that they can live in groups. These hamsters are very fond of digging in the ground. How to properly care for Djungar and Syrian hamsters, and how to care for newborn hamsters? All these species are nocturnal animals, so do not try to wake them up during the day, as the hamster can bite you. On average, hamsters live about two to three years, depending on the conditions. To ensure your hamster a happy life, you need to provide it with a cozy home, or rather a cage. How to choose a cage? The cell must be of a certain size, the minimum cell size is 50 by 30 centimeters, and preferably 100 centimeters. And also in a cage there should be horizontal bars, it will be more convenient for a hamster to climb over them. Take care of that in a cage there were:

  • drinking bowl for hamsters
  • wheel for running (preferably with a solid surface, to avoid fractures of the hamster's legs)
  • Two bowls, one for dry, and the second for fresh food
  • mineral or so-called chalk stone, in order that hamsters can sharpen teeth and maintain the mineral balance in the body
  • paper and soft hay, so that the hamster can equip his home (in no case put in a cage cotton or cloth, so that the hamster's paws are not entangled in the thread)
  • sawdust or wood pellets, as well as corn filler (do not use newspapers, because they are impregnated with poisonous printing ink)

Cage is better placed in a place with a goodventilation, but away from drafts and various heating appliances. If you have other animals at home, try to limit their contact with your hamsters. Remember some more aspects. How to take care of a hamster? Do not bathe the hamster in the water! It is better to install a special bath in the cage.

It is not recommended to let go of a hamsterapartment. It is best to make a special corner with different toys. Try not to take out a hamster on the street, so as not to lose, drop or catch a cold. Do not clean the cage more often once a week, since hamsters do not like when after cleaning in the cage their odor disappears.

In the body of a hamster, almost all processesoccur at times faster than in humans, including illness. That's why if you start to notice any signs of illness in your hamster, you need to urgently show it to the vet! Even before buying a hamster, find out where the veterinary clinic, treating hamsters, is in your city. Do not confuse the disease with special glands (two dark dots) on the back of Syrian hamsters, these are special glands, with which hamsters sweep the territory. In dwarf hamsters, the same glands are on the stomach. In hamsters, paw fractures are common. If you notice a fracture in your pet, you need to remove the running wheel, stairs, etc. from the cage. Otherwise, the hamster will run and only exacerbate the problem. If the fracture is closed, the bone will soon grow together, if the fracture is open, show the hamster to the vet.

Take care of your hamster, and he will live a long and happy life. If you want to know what to feed the hamster, click on this link: what to feed the hamster.

And also to learn how to care for a hamster, watch the video for this article.

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