In fact, this name was given recentlydiscovered a new species of spiders living in the forests of Oregon in the United States. California acarologists discovered this spider during an expedition in which they studied his close relative - Cryptomaster leviathan. Scientists suggest that related species of spiders developed in different ways, separated by mountain ranges.


The results of the study were published in the journal ZooKeys. Cryptomasters live in the mountains of the south-westOregons and belong to the numerous suborder of the Laniatores of the order of haymakers. Although their four-millimeter torsos look small, in fact, both Cryptomaster are much larger than many other similar spiders, due to their large paws. There are larger and smaller individuals of each type, but, despite their different sizes, they share the same genes.


Both species of spiders have received biblical names,Cryptomaster leviathan and Cryptomaster behemoth, because they are very difficult to detect. Usually they carefully hide behind snags and leaves in the forest. And although their 4-mm trunks look rather small, in fact, due to the large paws, both Cryptomaster are much larger than many other similar arachnids.

Source: Independent.

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