A nine-year-old cat named Glitter, who lived in Sweden, disappeared and unexpectedly showed up in France - more than 1,500 kilometers from his home. How he got there, it is not known.

The owner of Glitter, Sammy Carlsson, lives in the cityBrumella. He said that the cat often ran away from home and was absent for a week, but then came back. But one day Glitter did not return home and the host began to worry.

Suddenly, on November 20, Karlsson received a phone call from the city of Nîmes in the south of France and was asked if he knew Glitter. Swede thought that the French were joking, but he was sent a photograph, and it turned out to be his cat.

Information about the host was recorded with a special microchip sewn into the skin of the pet.

The journey of the cat!

Source: thelocal.se

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