To choose a name for your pet should be approachedquite responsibly, because every day you will call him several times. An animal should take good care of its name in order to respond to it. Especially carefully should be selected by the name for the talking parrot, because he must be able to pronounce it.

Ornithologists advise to use in the name suchSounds like "p", "k", "h", as well as hissing - they are easily mastered by parrots. In this case, your bird can be called, for example, Robertino, Arkasha, Zorro, Pestrym, Roger, Chizhik, Yasha.

But if the parrot is not speaking, anya beautiful and unusual name (if you do not want to call it simply Kesha). We offer you several options for how you can call a parrot: a girl or a boy.

Names for the male parrot

To make the nickname as close as possible to the parrot, observe its habits. For example, it can be called Tishka or Zipper, Whirlwind or Shustrick.

You can also pick an interesting name like Diego,Sylvester, Frederick, Archimedes, Walter, Wilson, Wooper, Raf, Harry, Prince, Boatswain, Johnny, Coco, Patrick, Phoenix or as in the cartoon about Aladdin, Iago.

Names for the female parrot

If your female parrot, you can give him the following names:

  • Greta;
  • Gressy;
  • Daisy;
  • Jacqueline;
  • Kiwi;
  • Kiki;
  • Constance;
  • Lila;
  • Nessie;
  • Ricky;
  • Chacha.

It is very interesting to name a couple of parrots named Romeo and Juliet, Kai and Gerda, Tristan and Isolda, Odysseus and Penelope, Orpheus and Eurydice, Assol and Gray, Adam and Eve, Caesar and Cleopatra, etc.

Other ideas for names see in the article How to name a parrot.

And tips for caring for this pet can be found in the articles of the Parrots section.

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