If you have a hairy hair at home, thenIt is worth seriously thinking about choosing the right name for your pet. There is a huge number of nicknames, which makes the choice not so simple. We suggest to learn how to name a puppy-girl. First, watch a couple of days for the animal: it will allow you to know its character and choose a suitable name.

If you want to choose the most suitable name for a puppy girl, then you should pay attention to the following recommendations.

Recommendations for choosing a nickname

  • The abbreviated form of a name must have one or two syllables. This is necessary for a quick and comfortable pronunciation.
  • Dogs perceive words with sounds "d", "c", "d", "p" best, therefore, it is recommended that at least one of them be in the nickname.
  • The name should display the status of the animal. Dvornyage not particularly suitable noble nickname, a thoroughbred dog a simple nickname.
  • The simplest and most common option is to choose a name based on the color or character of the animal, for example Chernushka, Ryzhulya, Sonya, Kroha and so on.
  • You can use character names fromcartoons, they are usually adapted for quick memorization and pleasant sound. Such names are especially popular with children, so a puppy girl can be named after a favorite cartoon character.
  • If you really want to give the animal a long and complex name, then think of its simple short cut, which you will use in everyday life. For example, Cassiopeia is Kasya.

Example names

Here are some examples of popular names for dogs with their decoding.

  • Adeline is "noble". This name is suitable for aristocratic dogs, which will be betrayed to you until the end of their days.
  • Vesta is a "home". This name will decorate the pretty shaggy dog ​​that will be the real keeper of the home and coziness. However, dogs with this name are extremely capricious and resentful.
  • Dina - a simple name, which will be called a simple courtyard dog. Owners of this nickname are very kind and caressing towards their masters.
  • Eve is "alive." A suitable name for an active and cheerful dog that always comes to your rescue at any difficult moment.

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