Almost in front of each rabbit breederrabbits of non-decorative breeds, one day the question arises: how to hammer rabbits? Those who do not want to do it themselves, usually refer their rabbits to the slaughterhouse, where they are hammered by specialists. However, not everyone can use this method of slaughter, so it is important for breeders to know how to properly slaughter rabbits at home. On the ways and the process of slaughtering rabbits and will go further.

How to slaughter rabbits: preparation for the process

Before you kill rabbits, you should carefully prepare for this process. The training consists of the following items:

  1. Select rabbits for slaughter. It is important to take into account that rabbits of winter fur breeds can be hammered in four months, and summer ones at the end of autumn. Animal meat breeds can be slaughtered at any time, as soon as they gain sufficient weight. How to care for rabbits can be found here.
  2. Wait until moulting is over. It is necessary to wait for the age change of fur (this age depends on the breed of the animal, but on average is 6-8 months).
  3. Do not feed animals before slaughter. About the peculiarities of feeding rabbits can be found from the article of our site What to feed rabbits.
  4. Prepare tools for slaughtering. These include: a strong wooden stick about half a meter in length, a spacer (made from a stick 30 cm long with sharpened ends), a sharp knife, a bowl for blood.

How to properly hunt rabbits: instruction

Before slaughtering a rabbit, you need to carefully get it out of the cage, without frightening it. Score should be like this:

  1. Raise it in front of you with your hind legs with one hand.
  2. Take the stick for slaughter in the other hand (if you wrap the stick with a cloth or rubber, it will protect the carcass from the formation of bruising).
  3. Sharply and strongly hit the rabbit in the nape of the ears. The blow must be precise - it will save the animal from the agony and lead to a quick death.
  4. Suspend the carcass for bleeding to the spacer, making a puncture in the hind legs of the rabbit (between the tendons and bone).
  5. To drain the blood.

There are other ways of hammering rabbits. For example, by discharging an electric current passed through the temporal region of the head. You can score a rabbit with your bare hands (striking the rib of the palm along the crown, or curling your neck sideways with a sharp movement), but only very experienced rabbit breeders know how to do this.

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